We are excited to start new online initiatives #conversations
  1. Web Chats – which are informal, fun, interactive online chats where participants can ask “killer questions” to top pro athletes.
  2. Webinars – which are a bit more formal, still fun, still interactive. Where BTG directors, advisors, mentors, expert coaches and guests deliver more focused education on topics that matter to sustaining a successful life and balance in the sport. The things you only learn from doing it.

Think of it this way, the inside knowledge


BTG realized that some of the most important work we do has become our athlete mentoring program. We started this a few years ago when Kev said something to the effect of “hey we’re doing all this stuff anyhow, let’s make it a thing”. A thing became a bit more organized, and then we asked Leah to make it even more organized. Fast forward and we realized we assembled a really impressive group of mentors – some of the most accomplished athletes (active and retired) in Canadian cycling.

We’re doing neat stuff, we’re really proud of it. Still, it can be better. Recording this stuff is one way, so the dozens (or hundreds) of conversations only a few get to hear, are made available to everyone.

That’s where Rich comes in. We were thinking of doing 2-3 webinars, and Rich said “let the aspiring young athletes ask questions”. We gave it a think and said “hey that’s even easier than webinars, we can do that, and do more of ’em”.

So there you have it #conversations – in two parts, making up most things aspiring young athletes need to know about the “lifestyle of being a pro cyclist”. We are going to have 2 webinars in May, and several web-chats. With our “chat series”, we’ll collaborate with provinces to bring in a top athlete from that province or region. We’ll work with a few different hosts to keep the chats fun and interactive.

We are very grateful to Andrew Paradowski who is helping with initial technical production and direction. Andrew is a race organizer and official from the GTA – many of you have likely been to one of his bike races or seen him officiating at top events across the country.


#conversations Schedule

Watch this space for updates!


Web Chats Webinars
Aired: March 12-2021
Guest: 🎟 Svein Tuft
Host: Randy Ferguson

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02 Sara Poidevin & Alison Jackson
03 Rob Britton

Aired: May 26-2021
Topic: 🍎  Nutrition & Lifestyle
Host: Anne Guzman with Leah Kirchmann

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Aired: Sep 7-2021
Topic: πŸ› Β  Business of cycling
Panel: Linda Jackson, Alison Testroete, Gaby Pilote-Fortin, Steve Bauer, Kev Field

Read recap (5 min) or Watch replay (1h) β†’

When: Feb 22-2022, 9AM PST (Vancouver)
Topic: 🧭 Race recon
Panel: Antoine Duschesne, Karol Ann Canuel, Steve Bauer, Kev Field

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When: Jun 21-2023, 9AM PST (Vancouver)
Topic: 🧭 RED-S
Guests: Sara Poidevin, Chris Rozdilsky
Host: Anne Guzman

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