Women’s Development Camp

August 17-21, 2023
BTG + Sharke Coaching Smart Camp
Aylmer/Gatineau, Québec
$75 (subsidized)

for junior and elite women who aspire to race at a high level


Karol-Ann Canuel & Alex Cataford join forces to support developing junior and U23 Canadian female athletes. This camp combines the 100% Women’s ride by Sports Cyclistes Outaouais. Coached by former top professional athletes.

  • Learn essential race skills & tactics from top pro riders
  • Apply skills & tactics in training environments
  • Strengthen the Canadian women’s cycling community

Canadian junior and elite women riders are often rewarded for strength over tactical nuance.  When they progress to international racing,  team racing, tactics and energy conservation become important to success. Smart-Camps like this will collect strong juniors and U23 riders and give them the building blocks needed to successfully race with a team in an elite peloton.


"Karol Ann and Alex bring a wealth of knowledge from racing in the World Tour level. They're excited to share! Linking the camp with the 100% Feminin ride also creates a unique opportunity for young riders to connect to the community and grow participation in the sport as a whole"

Leah Kirchmann – BTG Managing Director & World Tour Professional

"I believe it’s important for cyclists aiming for the top of the sport to give back to the community. This camp will allow girls to connect with community and build relationships for the future"

Karol Ann Canuel – Coach, BTG Mentor Director & World Tour Professional

Key People

Karol Ann Canuel
3 x World Champion, 2 x Olympian / Sharke coach

Alex Cataford
World Tour pro cyclist / M2M ride coach


  • Thu Aug-17. Arrival & ride. Focus: technical group riding
  • Fri Aug-18. Technical race riding & race seminar
  • Sat Aug-19. Technical race riding & race seminar
  • Sun Aug-20. 100% Women’s ride
  • Mon Aug-21. Wrap up seminar & exit (TBD)

5 days – $75 fee
for development Women (Junior, U23 & developing elites)
4 nights’ accommodations included (travel & food not included)
airbnb Housing (full kitchens for meal prep)
Guests & speakers for seminars
Over 80% of the camp costs are subsided by BTG
Limited to 12 athletes (selected by BTG, from applicants)