Athlete Grants

Grant range: $1,000 – 5,000
Annual availability: 6 – 20 grants
Application deadline: Dec 01

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Primary applicants are Canadian Cat 2 or above road cyclist aged 19-25 (men), 19-29 (women) whose ambition is to turn professional. Exceptional Junior (women/men) will be considered.

Applicants are reviewed and selected by the board and advisors based on “potential”. We define potential by evaluating results, progression, testing data, training history, consultation with coaches/sport directors and other references. We seek to ensure athletes have great mentoring, coaching, training, teams and complimentary support in order to “make it” in professional road cycling. In particular, we seek to help Canada’s best juniors as they enter their critically important U23 years.

Grant amounts vary annually based on the number of athletes funded and strategic priority.

In some cases late applicants and special funding requests are considered.

Youth Cycling Grants

Grant range: $4,000 – 8,000
Annual availability: 2 – 5 grants
Application deadline: Dec 01

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Youth cycling seeding grants are for Canadian youth endurance cycling programs dedicated to growing the sport of bike racing. Clubs, projects or events applying to this program are intending to develop their initiatives to be financially self-sustaining in 2-4 years. We define Youth Cycling as programs, events or projects focused on kids 8 – 16 years old.


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Grant amounts vary based on scope, needs and impact.

In some cases late applicants and special funding requests are considered.

✪ Special Projects

Grant range: $5,000 – 10,000
Availability: 3 – 5 grants
Application deadline: Dec 01

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New in 2021 –  BTG is excited to support clubs, teams, projects or programs seeking to bring aspiring young Canadian bike racers to international events. BTG feels the need to safely support competition during the pandemic is important, and competition options are increasingly international. Grants are open to projects for U19, U23 and elite athletes up to 25 years old. The board and advisors will exercise preference to projects for younger (U19/U23) athletes. Cross-discipline projects and multi-discipline athletes are encouraged to apply.

Grant amounts greater than $10,000 are possible based on the project’s  scope, needs, impact and included athletes.

Late applications and special funding requests are encouraged.

Athlete Mentoring

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Mentoring is offered to Athlete Grant recipients and other athletes on a case by case basis and subject to program capacity. BTG can support mentoring for about 40 athletes each year. Mentoring is a great way to get involved with BTG prior to becoming a Grant recipient – or – for athletes who’ve graduated out of the BTG athlete grant program, still needing some help navigating the crazy environment of pro-cycling.  Many of Canada’s greatest current and former athletes act as mentors – including 3 x World Champion Karol Ann Canuel who runs the program.

Mid Season Requests

Funding range: $200 – 2,000
Annual availability: varies
Requests period: Apr – Sep

Mid season funding requests are available based on a case by case basis to athletes in BTG’s Athlete Grant or Mentoring programs. Funding requests are intended for unique opportunities that help athletes move closer to a professional career – such as stagiaire opportunities or training camps for key race selections.


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Fun, informative & interactive web-chats and webinars for aspiring endurance bike racers interested in learning about pro road cycling. You’ll get to talk with and learn from Canada’s top athletes, coaches and more. Learn about the lifestyle, gain wisdom from the Canadians who have been there and done it.

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🎓 Athlete to Enterprise Scholarship

Scholarship: $1,250
Annual availability: 2 Scholarships
2023 Applications: TBD
2023 Program Dates: TBD-2024

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Applications accepted from any Canadian cyclist aged 19-25 (men), 19-29 (women) whose ambition is to turn professional.

Athlete to Enterprise is a six-week, interactive, video-based training program that teaches online business and marketing skills to elite, amateur and professional athletes. Through the core curriculum, group coaching sessions and a big-hearted community of entrepreneurial-minded athletes, students learn how to leverage their authority and visibility to create more value and impact—both during and after their athletic careers.

Applications are reviewed and selected by the board and advisors based on “potential”. The scholarship covers 90% of the program tuition — successful applicants will be responsible for the remaining $125. Learn more about A2E

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