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Canadian endurance disciplines are declining up to 7x more than similar nations

The last Charting Journeys to Pro looked at the decline of “at home” racing for Canadian women. During the pandemic, Canada has fallen up to 7x further down the global rankings than nation’s facing similar challenges (travel restrictions, policy, geographic distance from Europe, etc). Is there a correlation between the lack of “at home” competition and this decline that is non-pandemic related? Is there something systemic that makes Canadian cycling brittle? BTG is curious. We are monitoring. And we are actively looking at reasons so we can make smarter decisions to help athletes.

Canadian declines are not isolated to road cycling, they’re happening across endurance cycling. In an upcoming #conversation, we’ll look changes to the sport, the stories and explore the data that is possibly behind them.

Women’s Road

Women’s MTB

SOURCE: UCI Nation’s Ranking MTB & Road.

Digging deeper: How are we defining “similar nations” and why does that matter? A similar nation is: prominent in the discipline, with a stable/high ranking over time; is outside europe, travel restrictions limited the ability for athletes to get to UCI races that are predominantly in Europe during the pandemic.

Why does it matter? at BTG we seek to use information to find insights we can use to help athletes, coaches, teams and BTG make smarter decisions.

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