I was racing high profile UCI and NRC events

This season was the first time I was racing high profile UCI and NRC events, so I was up against some serious competition. With the help of Global Relay Bridge the Gap and Cycling Canada, I spent a month living in Holland to gain as much racing experience as possible.

However, despite training harder, racing more, having amazing sponsors and being on an incredible team, I was not getting any results. A few months into the 2014 season my confidence was at an all time low, but I continued to trust my coach, follow the training plan, and to give 100% in every race I started. One of the hardest lessons I am learning is about focussing only on process and not on results. Results are, after all, outcomes of good process.

Yesterday was the 2014 Time Trial Championships and, after months of disappointment, I was back on the podium. The bronze medal in the 2014 Canadian ITT has definitely been the highlight of the season so far.

Now it’s time to refocus and see what the second half of the season brings. I’m particularly looking forward to BC Superweek. It’s a great series close to my home town (and huge props to Global Relay for the recognition that women’s racing is deserving of the same prize money as men’s!!). I am feeling confident that my own training and experience, along with the support of my awesome team and sponsors, will result in some blue and green on the podium (I know, I know, focus on process – sigh – I’m trying)