No dedicated Canada Cup for road races in decades. So we did something about it.

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We wanted to identify races that are key to an athlete’s development and track them over time.

Then we said, “why not give points throughout the season.

That would be a series or national ranking”. Ultimately declare an overall champion for women and men.

It could increase a sense of community by showcasing a development pathway of Canadian races.

The ranking will be completely independent of any other series or event. Overall points and scoring are published by BTG after each event.

Races  🏃🏼‍♀️

53 total races, for women, men and juniors. 11 provinces & territories.  A series accessible to everyone.

Racing days 🏁

Racing days are awesome to develop our athletes. We wrote about the importance of race days here and here.

Date – 2023 Event Location Categories Points
May 14 O’Cup Bradfortd, On (All Categories) 1.2
May 21-23 Nova Scotia Weekend TBD, NS (All Categories) 1.2
May 27-28 Alex Stieda Classic Edmonton, Ab (All Categories) 2.2
May 30 – Aug 8 Mardis Lachine – series Lachine, Qc (All Categories) 1.2
Jun 3-4 RMCC Road race Canmore, Ab (All Categories) 2.2
Jun 9-11 GP Charlevoix Baie-St-Paul, Qc (All Categories) 2.2
Jun 10 O’Cup Baltimore, On (All Categories) 1.2
Jun 10 Tour de Concord Vancouver, BC (All Categories) 1.2
Jun 14-18 Tour de Beauce Beauce, Qc Elite Men 2.Pro
Jun 18 Preston St. Ottawa, On (All Categories) 1.2
Jun 23-26 National Championships Edmonton, Ab (All Categories) 1.Pro
Jul 8 O’Cup Landsdowne, On (All Categories) 1.2
Jul 11-18 Tour de l’Abitibi (boys) Amos, Qc JR Men 2.Pro
Jul 12 Gastown Vancouver, BC Elite Wmn & Men 1.1
July – TBD Agency Cycling Festival Victoria, BC (All Categories) 1.2
Aug 6 Canoe Cove RR +TT PEI (All Categories) 1.2
Aug 17-20 Tour de l’Avenir Makadence (girls) Québec, Qc JR Wmn 2.Pro
Sep 9 Critérium national Montreal, Qc (All Categories) 1.1
Sep 15-17 Tour de Gatineau Gatineau, Qc Elite Wmn 1.Pro
Sep 16 British Gp Gatineau, Qc (All Categories) 1.1
ALL Provincial Championships All Provinces (All Categories) 1.1

For each Provincial Championship the road race, criterium and time trial will all be counted and scored as 1.1.  The calendar is subject to changes due to the ongoing national and prov calendar volatility – this page and the tech guide will be updated throughout the season.

👇 Upcoming Events

May 20-21
BC Provincial Ch, 1.1
May 21-23 Nova Scotia race weekend, 1.2
May 27-28 Alex Steida Classic, AB 2.2
May 30 Lachine #1, Qc 2.2
Jun 3-4 RMCC Classic, AB 2.2

2023 Rankings

Last year over 500 riders were ranked.
Let’s do more in 2023 🙌

Women – Elite
1. Skyler Goudswaard – 40pts
2. Nora Linton (JR) – 30pts
3. Allison Sauder – 25pts

Women – Junior
1. Nora Linton – 40pts
2. Taylor Tompkins – 30pts
3. Anika Brants – 25pts

Men – U23 & Elite
1. Simon Daniels – 40pts
2. Ashlin Barry (JR) – 30pts
3. Hudson Lubbers (JR) – 25pts

Men – Junior
1. Ashlin Barry – 40pts
2. Hudson Lubbers – 30pts
3. Jayden McMullen – 25pts

We think smart camps around great races helps make athletes better. Done well, at the right time, camps can simulate the intensity and load of a stage race and bridge the gap to higher levels of racing. We’ll work with our top athletes and coaches to deliver unique experiences for developing athletes.


• Connecting the dots • • •

How it works 🤟

Keep it simple.  Download the Guidebook.  🤞

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Suggestions Please
It’s a community effort

Shawn and Karol Ann run series. This is all still new and we want to make it better every year, send us feedback and suggestions

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