Athlete Story: Cody Canning

The Canadian Road Championships have just wrapped themselves up and since I don’t plan on leaving my bed in the foreseeable future I thought it would be a good time to write a…

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Athlete Story: Leah Kirchmann

The exciting thing about bike racing is that it can be so unpredictable, which is why both racers and spectators love it.

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Athlete Story: Kristofer Dahl

With school done for the year, I jumped straight into the deep end of racing. Just hours after my final engineering exam of the year, I flew out to Vancouver for a couple of days…

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Athlete Story: Lex Albrecht

In 2012 I had a devastating crash during the Canadian National Road Cycling Championship that left me on the road, unconscious for over a minute.

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Athlete Story: Jesse Reams

What goes into getting ready for the Global Relay Gastown GP…

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Athlete Story: Annie Ewart

Everything happens for a reason, or at least that’s what my mum has always told me, but sometimes when something unfortunate or unplanned happens you wonder what that reason is,…

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