Back on the Bus Podcast

Fun, irreverent, independent, valuable

In a recent chat with a BTG athlete – Chuck Chretien – something fun came up. Ryan and Svein’s new podcast, Back on the Bus. Chuck said we should tell all the athletes to listen. He thinks it is really helpful and fun. Ryan and Svein want the project to be independent of BTG… a place where they can be a bit un-corked, talk about anything cycling, or maybe be controversial.

All the BTG directors agree with Chuck — it’s great. Lot’s of valuable insights on the journey to a career in cycing. So, here’s our recommendation to give it listen, with the appropriate disclaimer that the BOTB podcast presents the views of Svein and Randy (errrr… Ryan) alone and the opinions expressed in stories and commentary are not those of the Global Relay Bridge The Gap Fund. It’s awesome that many of our mentors are jumping in as guests, and likewise it’s a place for them to “tell it like it is”.

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