Athlete, youth & special projects grants are back again! If you dream of becoming a professional athlete, or deliver programs that help those who do, we can help!

Canadian cycling is experiencing a period of change and need, which encouraged us to try new things this past season. Highlights from this year were the introduction of the inaugural Canadian Cup ranking, running camps, having inspiring, informative #conversations and enhancing our focus on women’s and junior cycling.

Along with rider grants, BTG provides grants for youth clubs and financial support for team-based special projects. We encourage all athletes receiving grants or support through projects to apply to the mentorship program. Mentorships pair developing athletes with experienced Canadian athletes who share tips and advice. “We believe that the mentorship program is one of the most valuable services we continue to offer.” – Leah Kirchmann, Managing Director.

Please get your applications in before Nov-20. We are planning to make decisions a bit earlier for 2023 grantsApply here

Applications for the 2023 Global Relay Bridge the Gap grants are open from now until November 20th. Canadian cyclists between the ages of 17-25 for men, and 17-29 for women can apply. Applications are reviewed by the board and advisors. Applications are evaluated based on results, yearly progression, testing data and other information. Our goal is to help Canada’s best young riders as they enter their critically important U23 years.

How you can help

We are always looking to improve, and we can use more help. You can support the awesome work we do by thanking Global Relay and Shimano for their support. By joing the Fund as a donor. By sending us a note with feedback on how we can improve, or offering to help as an advisor in any of the four key areas we work. Please get in touch →